NEW AND Refurbished Ultrasound Equipment


Product Specifications

For echocardiography studies, the ACUSON CV70 system provides:

A broad family of transducers for adult, pediatric, fetal echo, transesophageal, and intraoperative applications

  • V5Ms TEE compatibility across platforms
  • A digital stress echo package
  • Expanded cardiovascular calculations
  • fourSight" TEE View
  • Axius" Edge-Assisted Ejection Fraction
  • Spectral DTI" Doppler tissue imaging capability with quantification
  • CV70 system transducer capabilities include adult, stress, pediatric, and fetal echocardiograms.
  • The CV70 system also offers transesophageal imaging and an intraoperative specialty access transducer for epiaortic imaging.

Technical Specifications

  • The powerful, all digital core technology of the CV70 system is built on a combination of: technology migration from other ACUSON ultrasound systems, MultiBeam Image Formation, multihertz and the Acuson integrated DIMAQ architecture.
  • The all-digital architecture preserves the signal integrity of all ultrasound information throughout the entire signal path from transducer to display.
  •  MultiBeam Image Formation allows high frame rate imaging, for optimal color flow and motion visualization
  • Precision MotionCapture utilizes the full spectrum of signal information which allows the accurate display of cardiac structures for analysis DIMAQ integrated workstation acquires, captures, and stores digital dynamic clips and static images without interrupting the exam workflow.
  • This technology is the gateway to advanced features

Applications and Software

The CV70 system exemplifies the practical clinical advantages of technology and enhanced workflow. It incorporates a high-performance MP Micro Pinless Transducer Connector that supports exceptional image quality and transducer compatibility across platforms.

  • Stay connected with proven technologies, including:MultiHertz" multiple frequency imaging for improved resolution and penetration.
  •  Tissue Harmonic Imaging for difficult-to-image patients DIMAQ integrated ultrasound workstation for digital acquisition, storage and review of complete exams.
  •  fourSight TEE View enabling integrated 3-D TEE acquisition, manipulation, reconstruction and review at the point of care Axius Edge-Assisted Ejection Fraction for workflow enhancement and EF calculation consistency.
  •  The CV70 system also includes a gateway to offline workstations, plus DICOM 3.0 connectivity for digital image transfer including transfer in DICOM format to a CD-RW drive, for convenient, inexpensive archiving all supported by a user-friendly WindowsοΎ®-based platform.