NEW AND Refurbished Ultrasound Equipment


Nemio XG, the next generation in premium compact ultrasound, is designed to help you get the information you need to make the right decisions quickly and with ease.

Diagnose with speed - Decide with confidence:


Outstanding image quality, streamlined workflow and a wide range of clinically validated high-performance features give you the power to carry out your exams with more safety and efficiency

At the moment of truth you can decide with confidence and store, report, print and archive your findings conveniently on the system.


Take a look at what innovation can do for you:


Nemio XG offers premium performance backed by unique, clinically validated technologies for a fast and secure diagnosis.

Its fully digital architecture provides outstanding image quality with superb resolution and excellent sensitivity. A wide range of advanced clinical applications further expands your diagnostic capabilities.

Nemio XG - a small package that delivers big performance.

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Boost your productivity and accomplish more:


Nemio XG combines ultra-fast operation with push-button simplicity. It is very compact and mobile, boots up in just seconds, and fits perfectly the way you work.

Its fully programmable user interface responds flexibly to your preferences and clinical needs to help you streamline your workflow.

Finally a system that adapts to your needs, and not the other way around.

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