NEW AND Refurbished Ultrasound Equipment


Innovations 4 your clinical practice.

In designing the Vivid 4, GE paid heed to features praised

by Vivid 3 customers, like its compact shape, workflow

efficiencies and ease of use, and combined them with new

features like:

• Tissue Tracking

• SmartStress (optional)

• Comfortable 4-way swivel keyboard

• High frame rates for 2D and color imaging

• High-contrast 17-inch display

• MPEGvue for easy transfer and remote viewing

of full patient records compactly saved onto CDs

• Up to 18 transducers for the broadest array

of applications

In effect, GE has raised the bar for clinical excellence with a value-based combination of proven technology and cutting-edge innovovations.


Coded Harmonics Image Quality

The Vivid 4 generates exceptional images with

ultrawide bandwidths and Coded Harmonics that

ensure definition of the LV endocardial border

while retaining crisp valve structure.

• Cardiac imaging with 6 levels of Harmonics.

• High frame rate 2D Harmonics.

• Multiple focal control.

• Color Doppler imaging with innovative

processing algorithms.


ComfortScan Working Advantage

Helping you to work faster and more comfortably is

the catalyst for designing unique features that make

a big difference in your day-to-day clinical practice.

• Ergonomically-designed, 4-way swivel keyboard

lets you smoothly adjust the console in whichever

direction is most comfortable for you.

• Automatic Tissue Optimization (ATO) helps you

obtain quality images faster by adjusting the image

settings automatically, at the touch of a button.

• Anatomical M-Mode option lets you correct for

off-axis orientation when the heart is not shaped

or positioned normally.

• Plug & Scan expedites exams by reducing

boot-up times.

• Triplex Mode simplifies Doppler acquisitions

during cardiovascular exams.


VScan for Complete Versatility

Scan a wide range of patients using a multitude

of transducers that give you full shared-service

capabilities and breakthrough cardiac performance

with leading-edge features, such as:

• Tissue Tracking Imaging aids in the detection of

coronary heart disease by providing better visualization

and quantification of regional wall motion.

• Enhanced OR performance with TEE and

intraoperative probes, and critical time-saving

features, such as easy system transport, immediate

CD storage of studies for consultation, Plug &

Scan for fast system reboot, FlexiView for serial

multiple image comparisons, and new MPEGvue.

• SmartStress helps shorten stress echo optimization

times by saving imaging settings at each level

and view.

• Advanced 3D option for vascular studies


TruAccess Data Management

Increase patient throughput with instant access

to patient archiving for complete information

management. Full raw data DICOM connectivity

permits post-exam analysis and streamlines report

generation and networking.

• New MPEGvue option lets you compactly save

entire patient records – including high-quality

images – onto CDs that can be transferred easily

and inexpensively for remote viewing on your

PC via e-mail or network communication.

• Design custom report templates by selecting the

format and appearance you need – even import

your facility’s logo.

• Comprehensive connectivity and networking

options with direct DICOM printing through

raw data DICOM or an EchoPAC Network,

plus new HL-7 Gateway interfacing